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Myself and My Work 



​"I would say my passion lies with the idea, process, and outcome of perpetual creation, all while consistently  pushing one's boundaries to truly evolve.  I feel as if carving one's ideas, thoughts, and passions from the world around us has always been a part of my life and always will. I truly live for the moments of creating an awe inspiring piece, whether it's depicting a moment of great sorrow, pure joy, or even the beautiful moments of simplicity and nothingness."           

  -- David Davis 

Born and raised in the heated deserts of west Texas, David has been involved with the arts and the creation process for as long as he can remember. Even at a very young age, he spent most of his time drawing and sculpting clay, as well as helping around the photography studio that his parents owned and operated.  David and his sister would be raised in this place of creation, design, and hard work- to which he attributes his familiarity and yearning for the "studio setting" lifestyle. Upon finishing school, he left the flat plains of the Pecos Valley, eventually heading east towards Austin. Not long after his move he fell in love with the fun loving town of San Marcos, just south of the state's capitol, where he obtained a degree in metal work from Texas State University.  While studying the arts, he would work as a figure model for the drawing and painting classes. It's here that he develops a much deeper appreciation and respect for the vast possibilities of figurative representation, and what emotional outcomes can be unveiled through the recreation of the human form. He now does his sculpting and painting from his studio there in San Marcos, currently welding his latest "Reflections" series from stainless steel. 

 The list of media that he creates from is vast and impressive. With an expertise in metal, he also works from wood, glass, plaster, resin, sand, clay and many more. From fully aesthetic to functional, his work covers an immerse array of beauty and purpose. His passion for life and the creation process can be seen ever so clearly throughout his wide array of work, meticulously created to translate life, emotion, and concept into tangible beauty.                              

                                                                  Written by Randell Stevens 

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